BIG One Solid Color SUPER RED Rosetail Halfmoon HM Betta


Bettas are very popular tropical fish. The long flowing fins of the males make them particularly attractive to aquarium owners. There are many different varieties of betta fish that in some cases have very dramatic physical characteristics. Through selective breeding, incredible colors combinations have been created. These same techniques have seen breeders concentrating on the fins and tails develop a wide array of strikingly beautiful varieties. I would like to show you a collection of these fish that I consider to be among the most beautiful betta fish in the world.

The Most Beautiful Betta Fish In The World
1. Royal Blue Half-Moon Betta
2. Red Rosetail
3. Black Orchid Crowntail Betta
4. Crowntail Betta
5. Veil Tail Betta
6. The Double-tailed Betta
7. Combtail Betta
8. White Crowntail Betta
9. Multi-Colored Half-Moon Betta

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